Humanized Mice: Human Immune System NOG and hGMCSF/hIL3 NOG Mice

Humanized mouse models, generated by transplanting pre-validated CD34+ human stem cells into mice are extremely useful in basic and applied human disease research. HuMurine Technologies is a CRO (contract research organization) that provides specialized research services based on the Human Immune System Mouse as listed below:

Both the Hu-M™ and the Hu-3GM™ mouse are stably engrafted with a functional human immune system and are ideal for doing efficacy and safety assessment of therapeutics that requires a human immune response.

The Hu-M™ Mice are generated by a proprietary two-step validation process using pre-validated CD34+ human stem cells and 8 color flow cytometry.

HuMurine currently offers contract research services on cancer biology (immuno-oncology), infectious diseases (vaccines, antiviral therapies and gene therapy), inflammation (cytokine release syndrome, immunity assessment), assessment of immune response against human restricted diseases (human antibody or T cell response), and gene therapies. We also offer specialized contract services so please contact us to discuss your need.

The Hu-M platform has wide ranging applications for efficacy and safety studies for :

  • Immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • Human hematopoiesis
  • Vaccines
  • Infectious diseases (HIV, TB)
  • Gene therapies
  • Graft vs. host disease
  • Cytokine release syndrome

The Hu-M Development Process: Generation of the Hu-M Mice

Hu-M CIEA NOG Mouse® in 1214 weeks



Salient Features of The Hu-M Mouse

  • image3Reconstituted with pre-qualified hematopoietic CD34+ stem cells resulting in superior and consistent chimerization
  • 8-color flow cytometric validation for human lymphocytes in the peripheral blood 10-15 weeks post engraftment.
  • Customizable flow cytometric matrix for up to 8 flurochromes.
  • Interactive and responsive scientific team provides exceptional guidance in study design and execution
  • Special pricing available for pilot and proof-of-concept study schemes

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