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HuMurine Technologies humanized NOG mouse (Hu-M™) is a superior humanized mouse generated by intrahepatic injection of pre-validated human CD34+ stem cells (CD34+HPCs) into newborn NOG mice. HuMurine specializes in the performance of customized contract studies involving Hu-M™ mice, building on an extensive academic and commercial background in the implementation of humanized mouse models.

Hu-M™ mice reproducibly display stable and robust multi-lineage human hematopoiesis at 10-12 weeks post engraftment. HuMurine’s rigorous quality controls ensures greater than 80% of injected mice developed humanization levels of >30% as determined by the ratio of human to murine cells in the peripheral blood 10-12 weeks post reconstitution

Hu-M™ mice display human T-cells (CD4+, CD8+), B cells (CD19+), as well as lower levels of human NK cells (CD56+), macrophages (CD14+) and dendritic cells (CD11c+). Notably, mice sustain enhanced differentiation and maturation of multilineage human T (TH1, CTLs, naive and memory) and B cells (immature, memory and plasma cells) for up to 32 weeks post engraftment providing an ideal platform for longitudinal efficacy and safety studies.

Data generated in the Hu-M™ mouse has been used for successful IND submissions to the FDA and other regulatory agencies.

Superiority of the Hu-M™ mouse is due to:

  • Quality-controlled human CD34+cells: CD34+cells are all purified by HuMurine staff scientists and and are QC-tested using in vitro clonogenic colony forming (CFU) assays
  • Robust human hematopoiesis: Mice guaranteed with >30% hCD45+ cells in the PB, and some cohorts with up to 80% hCD45+ cells
  • Cost effective and available in large cohorts: High efficiency of humanization allows maximum isogenic cohort sample size to be generated
  • Cohorts fully standardized by humanization levels