Customized Contract Studies using the Humanized Mice

HuMurine specializes in performance of customized studies utilizing humanized immune system NOG mice (Hu-M™ mice). Hu-M™ mice are generated at HuMurine laboratory facilities in Sacramento, California, and demonstrate superior humanization kinetics in comparison to other commercially available humanized mice models. In addition, our experienced scientific team has an extensive background in the generation and implementation of humanized mouse models in a variety of commercial and academic studies. The knowledgeable and dedicated HuMurine scientific support team assists clients in the formulation and modification of experimental studies and provides continuous feedback and interactions during the entire course of studies. HuMurine Technologies primary mission is high quality performance and successful execution of contract studies and services in humanized mice

Customizable studies available! For pricing and availability please contact us at or call 909-859-1050.