HuMurine Announces Licensing Agreement for hGMCSF/hIL3-NOG (HuNOG-EXL) mice from Taconic Biosciences

LaVerne, California: HuMurine Technologies (HuMurine) has announced today that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Taconic Biosciences (Taconic) for the commercial use of the hGMCSF/hIL3-NOG mouse. The hGMCSF/hIL3-NOG mouse expresses human GMCSF and IL-3 cytokines in the NOG mouse background, supporting higher overall engraftment levels of human hematopoietic stem cells and enhanced levels of myeloid cell differentiation, in comparison to the conventional NOG mouse. The elevated levels of human myelopoiesis in humanized hGMCSF/hIL3-NOG mice results in the production of human cytokines and soluble factors that support tumor angiogenesis, superior T cell homeostasis and production of myeloid tumor suppressive cell activity. The humanized hGMCSF/hIL3-NOG mouse is now available from HuMurine and has particular relevance in applications in immune-oncology, immunology and regenerative medicine.