HuMurine Technologies Alliance with UC Davis

HuMurine Technologies announces key alliance with University of California at Davis

La Verne, CA (September 1st, 2010). HuMurine Technologies, Inc. announced today it would be working with the UC Davis Health System and its Institute for Regenerative Cures to foster the development of novel pre-clinical humanized mice models. HuMurine will now be able to provide superior contract services based on its novel humanized mouse platform to clients in partnership with the university’s stem cell program, which is based in Sacramento, California. The institute’s facilities include a state-of-the-art Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) suite and extensive research laboratories. Gerold Feuer, Ph.D., HuMurine’s Chief Scientific Officer has over 20 years of experience in developing novel immune deficient mouse xenotransplantation models. Through the new partnership with HuMurine, Feuer says UC Davis immediately becomes an institutional leader in the technology of humanized mice, which complements its leadership in many areas of stem cell research. “Through this key alliance with the Institute for Regenerative Cures, HuMurine will now be able to offer comprehensive Good Laboratory Practice-based CRO services using its Hu-M™ platform,” said Feuer. “This alliance could enable new avenues of research funding and expand opportunities for a full range of regenerative medicine research.”

About HuMurine Technologies, Inc.

HuMurine Technologies is a CRO that specializes in the generation of a novel humanized mouse model, the Hu-M mouse. This mouse is a unique pre-clinical platform for translational research as it allows for the testing of novel therapies in the context of a human immune system. While most traditional immunodeficient mouse models can only be used either as a xenograft or human surrogate model, the Hu-M™ is the only commercially available mouse model with a functional human immune system. This allows pre-clinical validation of therapies directed specifically towards human targets. The Hu-M™ mouse is also a highly useful pre-clinical platform for testing therapies against infectious diseases, cancer, inflammation and stem cell malignancies.